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I'm finally getting around to moving my pages so if you find yourself bouncing between web hosts, don't worry, you'll soon be as lost as I am.

This site represents many years of railfanning. I've tried to break the site down to general areas of interest. Navigation is simple. I've thumbnailed all the pictures and each page only has around four thumbnails on it for faster loading. Move to the next page using the PRR clear signal, back a page with the caution signal, and back to this page with the stop signal.

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Operational steam. Fan trips and tourist railroads. These are mostly older shots of PRR and PC diesels. I'll probably have a more modern page soon so check back.
Electric & Traction Rolling Stock
Electric locomotives and trolleys, interurban cars and other traction motors. Interesting cars, vintage paint schemes, reference.
Structures Model railroad
Everything that doesn't move Anything smaller than 1:1
Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania Aerials
Pictures from the museum in Strasburg. Cleveland and Northeast Ohio railroad pictures from the air. 
Library Thomas the Tank Engine
Maps, books, paperwork, oil cans, locks, and all sorts of stuff from my collection. Gotta take a look here, cause you never know what you may find. A visit by the non-steamer to our area, cause we all have to be kids sometimes.
Links to who knows what.
Railroad related links.

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