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90_1223_6755_thumb.jpg (5039 bytes) This is a shot of #90, #1223, and #6755 from sometime in the late sixties, as are the following three pictures. This was before the railroad museum  was built and they were storing the locomotives at the Strasburg Railroad. Both #90 and #1223 were operational at the time.


90 - GWR,  2-10-0,   Class BLW l.  Operational At the Strasburg Railroad as she runs around her consist to hook up. 90_3_thumb.JPG (9328 bytes)


Prr_2846_thumb.JPG (6022 bytes) 2846 - Pennsylvania Railroad, 2-8-0 Class H6sb "Consolidation" type, built Baldwin Locomotive Works, Nov., 1905, freight service.


6755 - Pennsylvania Railroad, 4-8-2, Class M1b "Mountain" type, built Juniata Shops, June,     1930, dual service. The largest Pennsy steam locomotive preserved. Prr_6755_thumb.JPG (5305 bytes)



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