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They don't know the words, so they just hum right along.




E44_1_thumb.JPG (7274 bytes) A pair of E-44's pulling a freight Northbound past Cly Tower. Notice the pull rods at the left of the picture. These were connected to levers inside the tower to throw switches and change signaling.



Again at Cly. A pair of GG-1's pulling freight. Not all of the GG-1's pulled passenger trains. Gg1_1_thumb.JPG (5530 bytes)



Interurban_1_thumb.JPG (9135 bytes) Ok people, here's where I need your help again. I believe this picture was taken at Orbisonia but I'm not sure. If anyone can tell me more about this picture please use the link below to e-mail me.



And the same goes for this picture, except that this was somewhere else in PA. I think that this was one of the stops during the Baltimore N.H.R.S. convention in the 60's. Again please e-mail me with details as to type of trolley or where it's at, etc. Transit_1_thumb.JPG (10366 bytes)



CautionSignal.gif (964 bytes) StopSignal.gif (934 bytes) ClearSignal.gif (1480 bytes)
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